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02.12.2014 | Meals

12 Feb

On-the-go mug of kale and chicken sausages sautéed in bacon fat along with some coffee with vanilla coconut cream. 😋


Kale salad with EVOO, sliced almonds, and carnitas. YUM!


Roasted chicken breast (bone-in and with crispy skin) with green beans and broccoli drizzled with EVOO and sliced almonds.


Tough SWOD at Crossfit tonight and I’m exhausted, but feel accomplished. Going to bed early tonight.


Day 2 – Whole30 (Round 2)

12 Jul

Happy Friday! Loving summer hours at work!

Look at this delicious lunch!

More of the Coffee Marinated & Rubbed Grassfed Skirt Steak, Sauteed Organic Rainbow Chard, Sauteed Organic Peppers and Red Onions, Sauteed Mushrooms (in the Coffee Rub from the Steak). Juli Bauer’s Coffee Marinated Steak Fajita recipe from “OMG, That’s Paleo?” Oh, also a small bowl of blueberries.


Lunch – Day 2 (Whole30 – Round 2) Coffee Marinated & Rubbed Grassfed Skirt Steak, Sauteed Organic Rainbow Chard, Sauteed Organic Peppers and Red Onions, Sauteed Mushrooms (in the Coffee Rub from the Steak).

I also added a tablespoon of this new salsa I found. Not perfect, but the best jarred salsa I’ve found so far! Found it in Safeway.


Another Whole30, Cuz I Just Can’t Get Enough!

12 Jul

I had a great 4th of July away for the entire weekend. My 30th day was on the 4th and I stayed strong and stuck to it. The rest of the weekend I stayed close to my normal plan, but did have some indulgences. Tequila-Agave-Lime-ClubSoda drinks, some corn on the cob, s’mores to name a few… I had fun and enjoyed myself, but didn’t get nuts.

I was craving sugar on Monday and that was a wake up call. I realized giving in and eating processed sugar brought the cravings, which is the last thing I need. Decided to start a new Whole30, because I want to continue feeling GOOD.

Day 1 – Dinner

Coffee Marinated & Rubbed Grassfed Skirt Steak, Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Milk, Sauteed Organic Rainbow Chard, Sauteed Organic Peppers and Red Onions. This was delicious!!! I used Juli Bauer’s Coffee Marinated Steak Fajita recipe from “OMG, That’s Paleo?” SO GOOD!!! I need to marinate meat more often! Also, I LOVE mashed sweet potatoes. So easy to make and a great vitamin rich breakfast or post-workout carb. I peel the sweet potatoes, boil in water until soft (test with a fork), then just use an electric mixer to mash them with some coconut milk for added healthy fat and a creamy texture.


Coffee Marinated Grassfed Skirt Steak, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Sauteed Peppers Onions and Rainbow Chard


Isn’t rainbow chard beautiful!?!?

Day 21 – Whole30

26 Jun

I’m on Day 21 of my Whole30 and doing well.

I have to share my day 18 Breakfast I brought on the ferry on the way to a day of hard weedwhacking in the sun at my grandma’s house. Mashed sweet potatoes, paleo-friendly chicken sausage, avocado, hard-boiled farm fresh egg, sautéed kale and spinach.


Breakfast: Day 18 Whole30


Coffee with coconut cream, paleo-friendly chicken sausage, butternut squash soup with coconut cream, crushed local raw hazelnuts, and (you can’t see them, but) some uncured prosciuto.


Breakfast – Day 21 Whole30


Big salad of green leaf lettuce, broccoli, roasted beets, hard-boiled farm fresh egg, chicken breast, some olives, walnuts, and some extra virgin olive oil. Kind of strange flavor combos, but I liked it.


Lunch – Day 21 Whole30


More butternut squash soup (I love this stuff!) with coconut cream and walnuts, some chicken breast, and green beans.

Here’s the recipe for the butternut squash I made, courtesy of Primal Palate. So delicious and easy!

Day 8 – Whole30

13 Jun

Ok, Day 8 was GREAT! I felt awesome the entire day. I mean, stressed with work, but as far as how I felt physically, it was a great day. 

Started with a to-go cup of breakfast. Paleo-friendly spicy italian sausage, 1 hard-boiled pastured egg, sautéed spinach, and a Roma tomato. 


Breakfast – Day 8 of Whole30

Mid-Morning Snack was the same as yesterday.

Lunch was the same as yesterday. Believe it or not, this food is so good this hasn’t been monotonous.

I ate lunch so late that I didn’t need my afternoon snack. 

Went to the gym for a quick workout. 

Dinner was a paleo-friendly garlic and herb chicken sausage, spinach sauteed in bacon fat, mashed sweet potatoes (with more bacon fat), and a dollop of creamed coconut milk with cinnamon and nutmeg. I’ve been trying to incorporate coconut cream more often. You can make it yourself by putting a can of full-fat coconut milk in the fridge over night. BUT Trader Joe’s sells cans of the cream. So good!


Dinner – Day 8 Whole30

Hopefully I can keep up this momentum! 


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